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          An introduction of Jilin University of Arts

          The predecessor of Jilin University of Arts is the Department of Music of Luxun Literature and Art School in Northeast University, founded in 1946. In 1958, it was rebuilt as an independent organizational system, known as the Jilin Art Diploma School. Later it merged five art schools including Jilin Provincial Cultural Official School, Jilin Provincial Art School, Music and Dance School affiliated by Jilin Provincial Theater, Jilin Municipal Art School, Changchun Movie School affiliated by Changchun Movie Producing Factory, and thus formed its comprehensive teaching framework that nurture various art talents. In 1978, it was finally escalated to the University of Undergraduate Education. It was through this process that its dominant place in the art education of the northeast region was established.

          Jilin University of Arts is blessed by notable advantages. Situated in the center of Changchun City, a prosperous zone, it is composed of four campuses, together with twelve schools, School of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of Design, School of Stage and Screen Arts, School of Dance, School of New Media, School of Animation, School of Art Education, School of Cultural Art Management, School of Pop Music, School of Urban Arts, etc. It has 8178 full time students, among which there are 7295 undergraduates, 53 junior college students, and 830 post graduate students. The teaching function of the school is more obvious day by day, which is to be “the cradle to nurture talents, the base to carry on culture, the inspiration of innovation and the path to lead the aesthetic.”

          Sticking to traditions and promoting advantages, Jilin University of Arts adheres to the principle of building a “practical teaching system” with its own characteristics, with the help of “improving the teaching quality program” and “innovative artistic talents nurturing program”, it is perfecting the teaching system that “let programs, researches, presentations and practices help improve the teaching” and nurture talents with high quality.

          Up to now, the College possesses 41 undergraduate majors that cover basically all artistic majors in the range of general colleges, among which the musicology, art design and performing are characteristic specialties, drawing, music perform, visual communication design and performing are of Jilin Provincial brand, broadcasting and hosting and other 5 majors are characteristic specialties are at provincial level. On the provincial level, it also has 12 excellent courses, 36 fine-quality courses, 4 experimental teaching manifestation center, 3 provincial talents nurturing innovative lab sites, 3 undergraduates outside-school learning and practice base, and 1 talents nurturing base of Jilin Drama.

          The school has four grade-1 disciplines of Master Degree, including music and dance, stage and screen arts, fine arts, and design, all of which are key disciplines of advantageous characteristic at provincial level, and the disciplines of music and dance, as well as design, are of key importance. It has 3 Professional Master sites including arts, landscape architecture and dissemination of news, 1 national base (China-Russia Higher Learning Institutes Art Communication Base), 2 provincial higher learning institutions humanities and social sciences research bases (Jilin Provincial Art Research Center, Jilin Provincial Art Theory Research Center), 1 provincial key lab (Digital Media and Animation Technologies Key Lab), 2 provincial key needs associative innovation center (Changbai Mountain Cultural Industry and Art Producing Associative Innovation Center, the Art Originality and Design Service Associative Innovation Center under “Internet+”), 1 Jilin provincial engeneering research center (Jilin Provincial 3D Art Experimental Program Research Center). The number of artistic disciplines are of leading level in the overall construction in Jilin Province, and the characteristic specialties of national level, along with the most important disciplines is ranked front in the nation.

          The school has a large number of excellent teachers, with 659 teaching staffs, among which there are 481 full-time teachers, 207 associate professors and above, over 100 guest professors and part-time professors from home and abroad. Among these teachers, there are 3 who win the State Council special subsidies, 3 provincial senior experts, 3 provincial leading innovative talents, 6 famous technical teachers in Changbai Mountain, 8 young and middle-aged technical talents with outstanding contributions, 5 provincial excellent teachers, 5 excellent teaching groups at provincial level, 4 innovative groups at provincial level. These people won a lot of national and provincial high awards of arts while nurturing talents for the school: two times winner of the “Five ‘One’ Project” awarded by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the highest award in China’s music industry --- golden medal of Golden Bell Awards, golden medal of National Fine Arts Exhibition, golden medal of “Tao Li Cup” Dance Contest Entry, 6 times winner of China Drama Academy (4 times winner of Short Act and Short Drama Award, 2 times winner of Campus Drama Awards), champion of the first session of “The Voice of China”, the first of China Oil Painting Exhibition Arts Awards, China Animation Golden Monkey Awards, golden metal of CCTV Customs Awards, best opera singing award of International Rachmaninoff Contest, and 34 provincial government awards (teaching achievements in Jilin Province, Changbai Mountain Literature and Art Awards, Jilin Provincial social and scientific excellent achievements award, etc.)

          The school has profound cultural history, and in this historical art palace there born a large number of artists and educators who work and live here: Dong Qingcai, Wang Enxian, Lv Jinzao, Yao Yong, Shang Deyi, Gan Bolin, Han Gangjue, Liu Shangkun, Xu Guangrong, Wang Qinghuai, Pan Su, Jin Zhilin, Wang Bingzhao, Sun Tianmu, Li Shouren, Hu Tilin, Ying Ruoshi, Li Wei, Fu Zhigui, Zhou Zhongyuan, Wang Fuling, Zhong Peiru, Chen Hongying, Xu Feng, Yang Cunfu, Guo Fulan, ect. They made remarkable contributions to the development of artistic education.

          Since the establishment of the school, it has nurtured a large number of excellent artists and well-known scholars represented by Liu Yunzhi, the seat of honor of China’s National Symphony Orchestra; renowned composer Tang Jianping; Zhao Cong, the seat of honor of pipa in China Central Chinese Orchestra; Dong Yao, the seat of honor of violoncello in China Youth Symphony Orchestra; the famous painter Jia Difei; the overall visual designer of “Asian Boao Forum” Zhang Meng; Wang Xiaoyan the dancer; Bi Mingxin, a famous host of CCTV; Jin Renshun, a famous youth writer; some famous actors such as Zhang Kaili, Hou Tianlai, Ding Haifeng, Yan Xuejing, Yang Tongshu, Zhang Xiaolong and Wang Weizhi; and some managers in the cultural and arts industry such as the vice-minister in the Ministry of Culture Dong Wei, the vice director of National Center for the Performing Arts Yang Jingo, dean of Xinghai Conservatory of Music Tang Yongbao, etc. they all made remarkable contribution to the prosperity of modern culture and art industry.

            Jilin University of Arts takes initiative in the communication and cooperation of international art education, successively bridging good relationships with twenty four renowned art colleges in ten countries, America, Canada, German, Russia, Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Belarus, etc. It also arranges exchange programmes with co-schools, regularly designating excellent teachers and students to further studies abroad. Meanwhile, foreign experts and learners are all welcomed to Jilin University of Arts for teaching or exchanging. Designated by the Education Ministry as the only organizer of master class of Russian art, Jilin University of Arts has expanded the international communication and cooperation to other colleges and universities in China. The school played a leading role in the establishment of Ching-Russia higher education institution alliance in 2012. The school now has elaborated 2+2, 3+1 collaboration program in educating students with the University of York and Northumbria University, and has invited many international artists to perform and work here, which provide more opportunities for the teachers and students here to learn from and communicate with them, and further extend the vision of the education of arts, and improved the reputation and influence of our school in the world.


          Jilin University of Arts takes voluntary work to serve the development of the social and regional economy and culture industry. It sponsored the design of the Jilin Hall in the Great Hall of the People, and design and production of the floats from Jilin in the 50th and 60th anniversary of the National Day; planed the theme exhibition of Jilin hall in the Shanghai World Expo and made the propaganda film; hosted the “Chinese Bridge” International Undergraduates Chinese Language Contest, the 6th winter Asian Games, the opening and closing ceremony of the 12th China International Children Film Festival, the vision images design of the 12th National Winter Games, Changchun International Piano Festival, Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition, national Arts Fiber Exhibition, etc. participated many major exhibitions such as Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo, Automobile Expo, Agriculture Expo, International Film Festival, International Animation Festival, etc. Jilin University of Arts earned a sound reputation in the world and won a lot of praises.

          Jilin University of Arts puts great emphasis on the social cultural life and creates a sound atmosphere for arts. Under the guidance of serving the society and an open attitude for learning, Jilin University of Arts keep promoting arts into the society, into the mass public, and into the daily lives. Especially in these years, based on the School Arts Festival and Campus Arts Festival, combined the two brand social practice program “High class culture going into the community” and the “ A Hundred Fine Arts Education Program”, Jilin University of Arts has held nearly one thousand times of concert, design work exhibition, paintings exhibition, stage drama, and dance performance, etc. It received over 50,000 person-time for free and won wide praises from the public.

          Among them, the “ A Hundred Fine Arts Education Program” has been held for 20 years successively covering a dozen cities and counties like Changchun, Jilin, Tonghua, Liaoyuan, Siping, Baicheng, Songyuan, Baishan and Yitong. Hence, Jilin University of Arts has been listed as “Advanced Unit in the National Undergraduates Social Practice” by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Ministry of Education, Mission Central, and national Student Federation.

          Jilin University of Arts has gone through seventy years of hardship and glamour, and today it adheres to the school motto of “erudition, truth, perfectionism, and beauty”, carries forward the education concept of “ respecting the individual arts, perfect the social character”, and heads towards the grand goal of “creating a high level comprehensive university that is energetic, full of characteristics, to the world and of the best quality in China”.


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